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How to Make your Scientific Papers Indexed by Google Scholar

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Scientific papers are regularly indexed by Google and put in its Google Scholar’s service database. The provided record will be referenced by authors all over the world (who searched Google Scholar) for their bibliographic reviews. Google Scholar made several tips for writers to make their papers easily indexed by its server. Here are some of them …

In writing, authors must be aware that;

  • Google Scholar will only indexed PDF files. Those are files with [dot]pdf behind their names. It is a portable document format. So, save your work in PDF formatted files. Microsoft Office provides built in add-on to save files as PDF files.
  • Suggested font size for paper’s title is 24 point at minimum. MS Word users can click on the Title style preset from the standard template.
  • Author’s name must be put below the title in 16 – 23 point sized fonts.
  • Be sure to label list of references with the word ‘references’ or ‘bibliography’ at the end of the paper.
  • Never save the file larger than 5 MB, because this will go into another Google’s service, the Google Books.

With these easy to do tips, Google claimed that their search bot will find the paper, and it will be indexed within several weeks only.

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February 24th, 2013 at 4:20 pm